A strong nigga at the customs was writing declaration. In the section “sex” he wrote “everyday”!
The attendant corrects him:
-They mean male or female!
-Oh... ok – said he and filled with “doesn’t matter!”

Q:What can be more dangerous than Doberman infected with AIDS?
A:The person who infected it.

A black and a white soldier are haveing a bath. The white one see, that they both have tattoo on their dicks, which says “W…y”.
-Is your girlfriend`s name also “Wendy”?
-No, mine says “Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day.

A man got in a striptease bar. He found an empty place at the first row and sat down. Behind him there was another strong man… The streaper started dancing on the pool and the man behind got crazy.
-Yeahhh, babyyy!
The first man looked quick at him and the man behind stopped. The streaper took off her bra and the one behind got mad again:
-Yeah baby… that`s what I want! Yeaaah!
The other man looked at him again and he stopped…. When the streaper got nacked, everyone was almost screaming… just the one behind stayed quiet. The first man turned back and asked him:
-Where`s your enthusiasm now?
-Ahhh… somewhere on your back…

They asked in a radio show:
-Which women are the most faithful: blondes, redheads or brunettes?
The answer:
-Those with grey hair!

Two microbes met once. One of them said:
-Why are you so pale? You do not look ok.
The other one said:
-Listen, stay away… I have caught some kind of penicillin.

A man got out from the hotel with a long cigar. A Street preacher looked at him and asked:
-Excuse me, sir… how much is your cigar?
-Thirty franks.
-And how many do you smoke a day?
-Ten probably…
-Here, see... this is 300 franks a day. If you refuse smoking for a few years, with the money you could buy this hotel.
-And do you smoke yourself?
-No, of couse.
-Then why don`t you buy this hotel… which is mine by the way?

Two friends were sitting and chatting. Suddenly a friend of theirs passed by them. He seemed very sad and thoughtful.
-Why does Robert look so sad? - asked one of the men.
-Well, yesterday his mother got fired from the sperm donation bank.
-They caught her drinking…

Two men passed by on the street. One of them took out a knife:
-Stop.. Do you have money?
The other one took out a gun:
-I have some… Why?
-Ohh, I just need some change…

A man gets close to a young lady on the street and whispers in her ear:
-I lick amazing and I am discreet.
-Well, then lick your ass and don`t say anyone!