-They've put a shaving machine in the barbershop. You put your head inside and it shaves you!
-But people heads are in different shapes!
-Ohh… just the first time.

A young married couple wåre in Sicilia for their honeymoon. As they were having a walk, suddenly a man with a gun popped up from a bush.
-Money or life!
-But we ain`t got no money… We got married by love! - said the husband.
The gangster looked the woman from the shoes to the head and said:
-Hahah, tell that to someone else!

Once there was a villager… The villager got horse and the horse got sick. The villager bought a medicine from the vet. ...After an hour, he went back and asked for the same medicine again…
-But why do you want more? - asked the vet. I told you to put the powder into a tube and to blow it into the nose of the horse!
-Yes doc…, but the horse blew out first.

A little girl asked her father sadist:
-Daddy, please buy me these shoes!
-What you need them for? I've cut your legs yesterday.
-I just want to watch them.
The sadist father jabbed her eyes and said:
-There, now you can't!

-Do you think that Noy had been fishing during the flood?
-I don`t think so… he had only two worms!

As usual in this Olympic games the leaders in running were black people, and the leaders in shooting were white people.

-Honey, I love you! - said the man gently.
-I know. - she replied. But it won`t be useless to learn some techniques.

A policeman stopped a car, driven by a dog.
-Are you insane?! – said the policeman to the person, that was sitting next to the dog. …Why did you let the dog driving?
-It`s not mine… I was hitchhiking!

What does braveness mean?
Braveness is when you are running on the rails àgainst the train and you are screaming “Out of my way! I will hit yooouuuu!”

When you see that somebody is working - Don't be rude and interruptive, pass around him.
When you see that somebody is having a rest - Be kind, help him!

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